Whether you are on a fixed monthly income or experience higher bills due to season changes, the budget billing method would be for you. LCREC’s budget billing option helps smooth out the highs and lows of a member’s monthly bills during the year allowing them to budget their monthly expenses more accurately.

LCREC’s budget billing is a fixed monthly payment based on an average of the previous 12 months usage. The monthly payment will stay that amount through March of the following year. April will be the “settle-up month”. This means the actual balance plus the current bill will be due by the 15th of April (or any credit accrued will be applied) and at that time and your monthly payment, for the next 12 months, will be calculated based on previous usage.

To enroll in budget billing a Member must be current on their bill, have at least 12 months service at the current location and must have had no late penalties for the past 12 months, no returned checks or insufficient ACH payments for the past 12 months.

Members on Budget Billing may also participate in the automatic bank draft or debit/credit card draft option.

Once enrolled in Budget Billing, if the member decides to return to traditional monthly billing you can contact the office to be removed. No fees or penalties will be applied, however, if a balance has accrued on the account it will be due with the current months bill.

If the member becomes delinquent on the budget billing program the account will be removed from the Budget Billing and set back up on traditional billing and a final bill to true up the budget program will be due at this time.

If you would like to sign up for this program or just have questions about the program please contact the office by calling our toll free number 888-454-4485.

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