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To the members of Lewis County Rural Electric Cooperative Association:

This is your official notice of the 79th Annual Meeting, Thursday, August 4, 2016, at the Knox County High School, Edina, MO.

The Annual Meeting of the members of Lewis County Rural Electric Cooperative Association will be held at the Knox County High School, Edina, MO on Thursday, August 4, 2016.  Registration will begin at 5:00 p.m. and the business meeting will convene at 6:30 p.m.  Among other matters, the following business will come before the meeting:

1.   Reports of Officers, Directors, and General Manager.

  1. The election of three directors to serve for a three-year period.

  2. Amendment to the By-Laws.

  3. The transaction of such other business as may come before the meeting.

In accordance with the provisions of the By-Laws of the Cooperative, a duly appointed committee has nominated the following members as candidates for directors to be voted upon at the Annual Meeting to be held August 4, 2016, at the Knox County High School, Edina MO, to serve for a period of three years, with term expiring in 2019.

Larry Clark                                                   Edina, MO

Joel Western                                               Edina, MO


Danny Dannenhauer                                 Lewistown, MO

Donnie Wells                                               LaBelle, MO


Sandra Ebeling                                           Wyaconda, MO

Mark Yates                                                   Luray, MO

The foregoing nominations were made by the committee with the intention that the territory covered by the Cooperative might have equal representatives of the Board as nearly as possible.

By Direction of the Board of Directors.

___ _____________________________

Larry L. Clark, Secretary     



DOXO.com is a website and mobile app that processes utility payments. DOXO.com is not affiliated with or recommended by Lewis County Rural  Electric Cooperative. DOXO payments are not real time payments, they will take three to four days to post to your account. There are also associated fees that will subtract from the payment amount you make. Lewis County Electric Cooperative only endorses payments via phone or via our website at lewiscountyrec.coop or through our mobile app. Contrary to the FAQ's on the DOXO.com website we do have a mobile app.

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